Alpedrete Granite


Alpedrete Royal Palace of Madrid (Spain)

Local native name

Granito de Alpedrete

Year designation





Grey with slight variations in tone, homogenuous

Geological settings

Hercynian granites.


Around Alpedrete, Sierra de Guadarrana foothills, province of Madrid

Alpedrete Royal Palace of Madrid (Spain)

The backbone of Madrid Heritage

Alpedrete and the surrounding region are characterised by a quarrying culture that has been maintained for centuries. The area is strewn with historic quarries, along with the one presently in operation. Traditional stone cutters who produce hand-finished granite ashlars are still to be found, while others use more modern techniques to achieve new types of products. Representative monuments including Royal Palace of Marid, Alcalá Gate and the National Library owe their good conservation state largely to the petrophysical properties and durability of Alpedrete granite. In addition to its use in a substantial number of heritage buildings in Madrid, this stone is also found in most of the city’s housing, urban furniture and cobble-stoned streets and nearly all the rural architecture in the Alpedrete area.

Alpedrete Traditional Quarry

Alpedrete Spanish National Bank 1886 (Madrid)

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