Lugo Green Phyllite


Panoramic view of the city of Mondoñedo

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Green to greyish hues, bright surface

Geological settings

Member “Cándana slates”, from the Cambrian Cándana Group belonging to the Astur-Occidental Zona of the Iberian Massif.


Lugo province, N Spain.

Panoramic view of the city of Mondoñedo

A unique green phyllite from Spain

Only in a few places in the world does nature provide rocks as unique as the Filita Verde de Lugo, Lugo Green Phyllite. Mined since the Roman Empire, Lugo Green Phyllite is an exceptional rock with infinite constructive applications: roofing, flooring, paving, walling…The green phyllite is a geological evolution of slates. It has the construction properties have some characteristics of slates, such as a deep and clean cleavage, along with enhanced mechanical properties and a very distinctive shine, result of the higher metamorphic degree. Lugo Green Phyllites are the first documented slate-type rock extracted in Galicia, today first slate producing area in the world. The quarries date back at least to 1626. During following centuries, Lugo Green Phyllite shaped the region, becoming a crucial component of the vernacular architecture. At the end of the 20th century it was exported to several countries, forming part of unique buildings such as the Shizouka Convention Center in Japan. Today the production of this rock has adopted the latest technological advances, attracting the attention of the most renowned architects.

Old roof with green Lugo Phyllite

Typical house cladded with Lugo Green Phyllite, Bretoña

Victor Cardenes.

Departamento de Geología, Jesús Arias de Velasco s/n, 33005 Oviedo, Spain