IUGS International Commission on Geoheritage promotes and participates in several projects with international partners. Collaboration is our way. Some of these projects can be seen in this section.

IGCP- 692
Geoheritage for Geohazard Resilience

This project draws together a global community who are working on geoheritage sites in many different areas, including UNESCO Global Geoparks and UNESCO World Heritage sites, but also outside protected areas. These areas are being developed as geoheritage sites where sustainable practices in the community are leading to more robust and adaptable societies. The strategy is to work within the local community, with local actors from the start, bringing meaning and usefulness to our geoscience within society.

Projects have advances in Peru with the ‘Ruta del Sillar’ tourist circuit in Arequipa, in Nicaragua with the geopark project on Isla de Ometepe, and at Dallol in Ethiopia, all these are also in the first 100 IUGS Global Geoheritage Sites. Products include the engraving of geological histories onto the rocks (see photo), the production of geoheritage films, comics, books, and many scientific papers. The project strongly prioritises and supports networking and travel of young researchers from developing counties, especially women scientists.

Heritage Stones Recognition: a step forward (herStones)

Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR) is a scientific designation created and managed by the Heritage Stone Subcommission (HSS). The main goals includeEnhancement of the geological knowledge, use and conservation of natural stones of historical importance worldwide.

The HERITAGE STONES RECOGNITION: A STEP FORWARD (HerSTONES) project aims to designate more Heritage Stones, focusing on those from emerging countries, underrepresented on the current GHSR list. HerSTONES project will go ahead on the recognition of Heritage Stones in a more global and young context by means of novel and effectives ways, building also capacities for the sustainable use of earth resources.


IGCP – 731
IUGS Geological Heritage Sites

The scientific community has long demanded the establishment of a global program with global standards for the recognition of sites of high international importance. The IGCP – 731 IUGS Geological Heritage Sites (IUGS – UNESCO) has created the proper conditions of collaboration towards this great milestone that will inspire the work of this ambitious program in the near future.

More than 200 specialists from almost 40 nations and ten international organisations, representing different disciplines of Earth Sciences, have participated in the selection of sites. 181 candidate sites from 56 countries were proposed and were evaluated by 33 international experts. The result of this challenging and collaborative process is the list of the First 100 IUGS Geological Heritage Sites

An IUGS Geological Heritage Site is a key place with geological elements and/or processes of scientific international relevance, used as a reference, and/or with a substantial contribution to the development of geological sciences through history.